Born in France in 1949, Colette Leinman is an interdisciplinary artist, a poet and an academic researcher. She works with installation, video, photography, painting, drawing and mixed media. She has participated in many international exhibitions and her works can be found in public and private collections.
Still a student at the “College of Painting and Sculpture in Ramat-Gan”, she created life-size statues of pregnant women in polyethylene, covered with a sheet. This sculpture was a manifesto against the war. But the effect of mixing polyethylene with a reagent rendered her speechless for six months. Today, as a civic engagement, her marker graffiti on plastic mesh is used to recycle advertising tarpaulin support.
Leinman’s professional experience as a Teacher and Researcher at the University as well as her numerous Publications are related to Art. Thus, her Doctoral Thesis “The catalogs of surrealist exhibitions in Paris between 1924 and 1939” (Rodopi-Brill, 2015) brought a new look to the originality of the surrealism meta discourse on Art as well as on the strategies of constructing an avant-garde collective identity. 




2007 – 2020 |  Member of the research group ADARR | The Porter Institute for Poetics and Semiotics, | Tel-Aviv University, Israel.
2007 – 2011 |  Ph.D. The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies | Faculty of Humanities | Tel-Aviv University, Israel. 
1998 – 2000 |  M.A. The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies | Faculty of Humanities | Tel-Aviv University, Israel.
1987 – 1992 |  B.A. French Department  | Bar-Ilan University | French Department
1986 – 1990 |  College of Art and Sculpture | Ramat-Gan


Scholarships & Awards
2011 |  Dedalus Foundation founded by Robert Motherwell to support public understanding and appreciation of the principles of modern art.
2006 |  Co-organizer of the International Symposium: “Paul Cézanne 1906-2006 – Processes and reception” | Tel-Aviv University.


Solo Exhibitions
2023 |  “At night I shall draw sunshine” | Yad Habanim Gallery | Rishon Letzion, Israel
2022 |  “Taste of the blue II” | Citoyens a Caen | Caen, France
2022 |  “Taste of the blue” |  Saga Gallery Social gallery | Jaffa, Israel
2020 |  “L’Arche, Alliance of Humanity” | Private Residence | Tel-Aviv, Israel 
2019 |  “On the Net” | Video Art Performance, as part of Techno Art Live 2019 | on behalf of the Tel-Aviv Museum, Israel
2015 Invisible Worlds” | Gallery Haorgim | Holon, Israel.
2014 |  “On the Net, or in other words…” | Café botz | Beit Hecht, Haifa, Israel 
2012 |  “Footprints in the Landscape” | Galerie N. & N. Aman | Tel-Aviv, Israel 
2011 |  “Lock, Stock and Barrel” | Kastiel Loft | Tel-Aviv, Israel 
2010 |  “Cantiques sur Seine” | Le Scribe-Harmattan | Paris, France


Group exhibitions
2020-21  | “Hidden in Plain Sight” | Assemblage Staircase Gallery Art | Tel-Aviv, Israel
2020 |  “Smiling Fences” | Beit Beer | Community of Jaffa Tel-Aviv, Israel
2017 |  “International Exhibition of Art and Design” | Kyoto Museum | Kyoto, Japan
2014 |  “Art Connection” | Cutlog.ny | New-York, USA
2013 |  “Variations on Dance” | HaSadna LaOmanut Gallery | Yavne, Israel
2013 |  “Art 2013” | Ramat Hasharon Art Biennale | Ramat Hasharon, Israel 


Public and Private Collections 
Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel | ״Artists Messengers of Peace״, Dr. Fisher Art for Peace | Foundation Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty Art Collection | Arturo Schwartz, Milan, Italy | Sotheby’s Auction, AKIM Decorated Masks, Tel-Aviv, Israel | Stern Family, New-York | US; J-L. Sebag, Paris, France | M. Wolkowicz, Paris, France | World Club Travel, London, England etc.


2020 |  “Pandemonium” | Publication online | <> 2015-2017
2015 |  “Bas de soie, petits bas cousus, chaussettes”, éd. | La Poche, France
2013 |  “En plein ciel” | Anthologie en ligne | Saut dans le vide, Sabine Huynh (dir.) 
2013 |  “Pratiques et Giacometti” | Recours au poème, Online Poetical Review
2013 |  “Le Paradis était sur Terre” | Terre à Ciel, Online Poetical Review 
2012 |  “Le Cycle des N’Hommades” | Le Scribe-L’Harmattan, Paris | “Poèmes n’Hommades” |  Exposition | “Footprints in the Landscape” | N&N Aman Gallery, Tel- Aviv, Israel | “Cinquième version de mon horizon”, in pas d’ici, pas d’ailleurs. Anthologie poétique francophone de voix féminines contemporaines, Woman Poetry Anthology, Voix d’encre Publishers, Paris |The Ilanot Review, an Israeli Journal of Creative Writing in English


Academic Publications
2021 | Construire l’ethos collectif du groupe surréaliste” | Le Catalogue d’exposition  | In Ethos collectif et identités sociales, éd. Garnier Classique | Paris.
2021 | Arche- Alliance- Exiliance” | in La Transmission en question(s) |  éd. in Press | Paris.
2019 | Création du patrimoine artistique dans la collection ‘Musée de poche’” |  in L’Image de  l’écrivain dans les collections de monographies illustrées | Nottingham French Studies | Edinburgh University Press | England  
2015 |  Les Catalogues d’expositions surréalistes à Paris entre 1924 et 1939 |  Amsterdam, N.Y. éd. Rodopi/Brill          
2014 |  New-York et Paris après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale: la place du Symbolique | in Les Fondements du Symbolique, aujourd’hui | Schibboleth-Actualité de Freud, Paris                              
2013 – 2015 |  Co-editor of Continuum |  Revue des écrivains d’expression française en Israël | Tel-Aviv University, Israel 
2013 |  “Un catalogue d’exposition de Dali sur l’art” | in “Mélissa Barkat- Defradas et Stéphanie Benoist (dir.) Comment parler de l’art ?”|  Approches discursives et sémiotiques | CNRS éditions, Paris 
2012 |  “Peindre l’exil” | in Silvia Baron Supervielle | Une écriture en exil | Éditions Caractères, Paris  
2011 |   Les catalogues muséaux d’exposition d’art contemporain | in “Expositions sans artistes“ | Marges, n°12 |  Presses Universitaires de Vincennes, Université Paris 8 
2009 |  “L’art du décentrage en poésie surréaliste “, in L’art du décentrage dans la poésie et le roman contemporains, Jacqueline Michel, Marléna Braester and Isabelle Dotan (dir.), Paris, Published 2007  
2005 |  “Poésie – Peinture : dialogues” | in Poésie & Art, n°7. Centre de Recherche sur la poésie Francophone Contemporaine | Université de Haifa, Israel   
2003 |  “Paysage, Visage premier. La notion de nature dans l’œuvre poétique d’Andrée Chédid” | in Andrée Chédid et son œuvre une | “quête de l’humanité” | J. Michel (dir.) | Paris, éd. Publisud
2001 |  “Le Toi silencieux qui se parle à soi-même” | in L’œil témoin de la parole, rencontre autour de Claude Vigée, David Mendelson and Colette Leinman (dir.) | Paris, éd. Parole et Silence